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Why you need a proofreader

You may be thinking why would you need the services of a proofreader when you are perfectly capable of identifying errors in your document or have tools on your computer to identify them for you.

For starters, given that you are so connected to your writing there are bound to be times when you miss even the most basic of errors. A fresh pair of eyes will spot these right away.

And secondly, tools such as spelling and grammar checkers have limited uses. For example, they didn’t pick up the errors in the following sentence: Study’s have shown that your fore times more likely too suffer from a heart attack if you don’t exercise at least twice a weak.

Let’s imagine for a moment that your article has basic mistakes in the first few paragraphs. This is a major turn-off for readers and it’s highly likely that they won’t bother to read any further.

Why would they waste their time reading on to gain an understanding of what you are trying to express when you can’t even get the basics right?

Ensure that your work is memorable for the right reasons by enlisting the services of TK Proofreading.