Like any good editor, I love to read. My love of the written word comes from his mother, who has more books in her collection than she knows what to do with.

While my mother’s reading tendencies lean toward the mystery side of things, my reading collection is varied and ranges from sports autobiographies to classics such as 1984, Of Mice and Men and The Catcher in The Rye.

Reading is just one form of escapism that I like to indulge in, with gardening and playing sports also among my passions. Gardening has especially become a love of mine following my dad’s passing, as it was one of the things in life that brought him an immense amount of joy. I believe that my father loved to tend to the garden for the simple fact that gardening represented a sign of the hope for the future, with the plants gradually taking on a life of their own over the course of time. This also rings true when it comes to writing, with progress being gradual but significant if you stick with things.

Another passion of my father’s that I have taken up is the sport of lawn bowls. Lawn bowls calls on an individual to be delicate and precise in their delivery of the bowl, but also display a degree of strength to ensure that they get as close to the jack as possible, and these traits are also valuable when it comes to editing content. You need to find a balance between taking your time in editing and also being speedy enough to meet deadlines.

Given my keen eye (pun intended) and ability to meet deadlines time and again, I believe that my editing services are the best on the market.

I look forward to hearing from you!