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    You know what it’s like. You send out your newsletter and you immediately notice a grammatical error. Work is hectic enough as it is without being expected to proofread everything that you put out. That’s where we come in. Save those hours of tedious work with TK Proofreading.

    Proofreading - 24-hour-turnaround
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Edited by an expert for your peace of mind

We will look over your hard copy and soft copy documents to maximise the effectiveness of your presentations, important reports or website.

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Value for money proofreading services

At TK Proofreading our top priority is to provide you with a value for money service.

For a very reasonable price you will receive two versions of your work – one in track changes so you can see what revisions have been made to your work after we have completed our proofreading services and a clean version.

Send through your document or documents today in .doc or .docx format and by tomorrow you will have clean and sharp copy that will dazzle your readers.

Proofreading services

You may be wondering, what the purpose of proofreading and editing services are when you are perfectly capable of identifying errors in your document or have tools on your computer to identify them for you.

The truth is when it comes to writing, everyone makes mistakes and after working on a piece of content for countless hours these mistakes become harder to identify. Plus, when time is of the essence this task can become even more difficult.

At TK Proofreading we are that extra set of fresh eyes to ensure that your content is error free and polished to perfection. On top of this, we will refine your writing so that it has a succinct flow and captures the attention of readers.

TK Proofreading services

We offer a range of different professional proofreading services for both corporate businesses and academics.

We cover all things:

  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • Consistency, flow and tone of voice

  • Error free content

  • Revised and restructured sentences